Applications / Source

General Programs

Archon's Image Manipulator
New Revisions! Reads a bitmap and manipulates and analyzes it according to user specifications. Manipulations include outputting the respective red, green, and blue channels, color inversion (photo negative), grayscale conversion, normalizations, image effects, and others.

Simple Ciphers

Binary Encryptor/Decryptor
Converts the characters of a text file to their binary equivalents (0's and 1's). Use this to learn how to be an uber-geek and send binary emails to your friends.

1337 (leet) Encryptor/Decryptor
Converts the characters in a text document to their 1337-speak (leet-speak) equivalents and vice-versa

Hex Encryptor/Decryptor
Converts the characters in a text document to their hexadecimal code equivalents.

Rot-13 Encoder/Decoder
Simple cipher system where the letters of a file are rotated (translated) by 13 spaces. For example 'a' becomes 'n', 'm' becomes 'z', etc. This is used in newsgroups and forums to keep things like movie endings and game walkthroughs from being seen by those who don't want to know them.

Pair Switch Encoder/Decoder
Another simple cipher like Rot-13 where the 26 letters of the English alphabet is grouped into 13 pairs. Each character of a text file is substituted for its pair partner character. For example, 'a' becomes 'b', 'm' becomes 'n', etc. Like Rot-13, running the pair switch on an encoded file, decodes the file--no additional routines necessary.

Discrete Cosine Transformation Encoder/Decoder
Complex cipher that uses the Discrete Cosine Transformation to convert the character elements of a user-specified text file to a list of floating point numbers. This list is a ciphertext block that when decoded by the Inverse Discrete Cosine Transformation, the plaintext message is recovered.

HTML Character Code Encryption
Converts the characters in a text document to their HTML character code equivalents.


HTML Character Code Table Generator
Generates a lookup table with the ASCII HTML character codes in the schema of Archon's Site.

Archon's Calendar Creator
The Calendar Creator generates an X/HTML calendar (that can open in any browser for any operating system) for any year and month that you input. It uses a simple algorithm to determine what day of the week any day falls on and shifts the days so that the numbers fall on the correct day of the week.

Fractal Generator
Generates fractal of the Julia and Mandelbrot Sets, a fractal fern, and the Sierpinski Gasket/Triangle.